Five years 1820 - Swiss directory enquiries celebrates its birthday

5years balloon

The Baden-based contact centre operator AP Dialog launched the Swiss directory enquiries service 1820 five years ago. Swissness, quality as well as listening and helping are the characteristics of the popular national telephone service. As of now, the company is offering another service with the 1820 HelpLine.

Five years ago today, on 28 October 2015, Baden-based AP Dialog founded directory enquiries service 1820. The project, which at the time started with a few employees laid off by a competitor due to outsourcing abroad and which many thought was hopeless, has since become the epitome of high-quality Swiss directory enquiries.

The philosophy of 1820 has proven itself during the five years: Swissness instead of relocating jobs abroad, quality instead of quantity, listening and helping instead of simply reproducing numbers; no automatic number announcements, but a personal service from A - Z.

Peter Frommenwiler, Managing Director, and Peter Jòsika, Head of Inbound and Directory Assistance, are happy about more than 1000 calls a day. "We estimate that our market share is now around 20% with an upward trend". Although the volume of calls to directory enquiries has visibly decreased in recent years, the service is still used by tens of thousands of people on a regular basis.

AP Dialog now offers another service: 1820 HelpLine can be reached from all Swiss networks. The 1820 HelpLine advisors have been trained to support people in their everyday lives. In addition to timetable information, sports results and weather information, the new service offers, among other things, reservations and help with crossword puzzles or general knowledge questions. The new 1820 HelpLine can be accessed directly via the 0900 18 20 20 or via the 1820 can be reached by connecting further.

1820 celebrates its fifth anniversary with a competition. One year of free information (maximum two calls per day) and one year of "Domo Security Start" including a discreet clock will be raffled off. More info on