About us

AP Dialog AG operates inbound and outbound call centres in Baden (CH) and Vienna (AT) with a focus on high-quality and flexible solutions in customer service and sales.

As an established contact centre operator, AP Dialog is a member of the Swiss industry association Callnet and has many years of experience in B2B and B2C customer care with first-class references.

In addition to traditional telephony, we also offer services via e-mail, chat, online video and audio conferencing and virtual shopping channels.

Our technical infrastructure offers state-of-the-art technical possibilities and also enables working from home, which improves flexibility and availability at short notice.
Traditionally, AP Dialog also relies on the integration of blind agents. These often have a particularly well-developed sense of hearing

Our methodology

More deals with professional methodology! AP Dialog relies on a sophisticated methodology in conducting conversations, which on the one hand focuses on the principle: "Logos, Ethos and Pathos", and on the other hand enables a dynamic analysis of the conversation partner within seconds.

The analysis is based on Aristotle and the "Psychological Types" by C.G. Jung, among others. He divided into "introvert - extrovert" and four consciousness functions "thinking - feeling - sensing - intuition". Peter Thomson derived a matrix with four strong personality types from this. 

Masters of persuasion can use these tools virtuously in conversation and do not follow a rigid conversation scheme. Therefore, in a script from AP Dialog, arguments and USP's are collected above all. Our agents respond to the personality, the needs and the objections of the interlocutor in a way that is appropriate for the type of person. Dialogue instead of monologue is the motto.

We consistently train our employees in these techniques. They are masters at convincing and make phone calls in such a way that the person they are talking to has absolutely no doubt that they are talking to an employee of your company. The higher closing success leads to motivated and long-term employees who ensure a high quality standard. We also consciously rely on Switzerland as a location in order to meet the local linguistic and cultural peculiarities and customer needs.

Our employees usually take part in the project briefing with our clients to optimise the transfer of know-how. Direct customer contact is maintained during the project to ensure permanent optimisation and further development.

Convince your customers with professional dialogue!

Why AP Dialog?


At AP Dialog, we use a sophisticated methodology in interviewing, train our staff intensively, have low staff turnover and have an experienced management team with a wide range of expertise in different sectors.

Flexible cloud IT systems for smooth integration into customers' IT processes

Promising methodology

Many years of experience in business process outsourcing

Many years of experience in outbound telemarketing

Many years of experience in customer service

Low fluctuation

Complete business process outsourcing up to flexible overflow solutions

Multilingualism: Swiss German, Austrian German, High German, English, Italian, French