Are fluctuations in the volume of enquiries causing you problems? We offer proven, flexible overflow solutions.


Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will know them: Daily, weekly and seasonal fluctuations in the volume of enquiries that can hardly be covered with a limited number of staff.

Often a few telephone operators are enough to handle enquiries on an average day. But at certain times, you would need two to five times the staff to handle the volume of enquiries.

However, recruiting so much additional staff internally to cover a few peaks makes no sense from an economic point of view.

But long waiting times and lost enquiries not only cost new customers, but also annoy existing customers.

At AP Dialog, we specialise in stepping in when you need it, with our pool of well-trained and customer service-tested staff.

At the same time, additional staff can be provided on a temporary basis at any time with little lead time.

Contact us for a tailor-made overflow solution! We help you to absorb enquiry fluctuations cost-effectively. And in the best quality!