Whether customer service, sales or energy-saving hotline: AP Dialog has a wide range of expertise in the field of energy.

AP Dialog - The specialist for customer service and sales in the energy sector (electricity, gas, heating)

We have been active as a service provider in the energy sector for years.

In addition to handling telephone and written enquiries about bills, tariffs, meter readings and energy products, our trained staff also deal with questions about electricity shortages or gas shortages.

We also specialise in the sale, up-selling and cross-selling of energy products, particularly those of an environmentally friendly and local nature.

We have been active in the area of customer service for two large energy providers for years. In addition, we implemented electricity and gas shortage hotlines and energy-saving hotlines for both providers in 2022. Since December 2022, AP Dialog has also been operating the energy shortage hotline and e-mail box of the canton of Aargau.