Process correspondence efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner with our ERM solution!

Multichannel services

Enterprise Response Management (ERM) solutions enable automated response to your correspondence through our Contact Centre. 

The flood of e-mails is categorised by machine and processed partially or fully automatically.

This leads to considerable cost and time savings. In addition, the responses are standardised and the response quality and speed are massively increased accordingly, which significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Research shows that correspondence is experiencing strong growth rates compared to other channels.

In our service centre, we can process your correspondence across all clients and thus deploy staff very effectively. We use the latest AI-based software for this purpose.

Incoming requests, whether as e-mail, social media message or chat message, are automatically classified and fed into the corresponding workflows. These in turn provide response templates or automatic responses.

The self-learning system becomes more intelligent with each transaction and the manual effort for classifying and processing decreases continuously. The advantage is obvious, the "service level" and the response quality can be increased up to 95%. The effort for processing can be massively reduced with a positive influence on the costs.

ERM is mainly used in customer service.

Do not hesitate to tell us your requirement, our professionals are there for you.