AP Dialog starts with ISO 18295 certification

AP Dialog is taking its internal processes to a new level! To this end, at the end of 2022 we have launched the ambitious project of "Certification for ISO 18295″ started.

The increasingly complex requirements for business process outsourcing in customer projects, but also in the definition of new products, demand ever more sophisticated processes in customer and employee communication. With the certification, these processes are now to be decisively strengthened. The focus is on the following goals:

  • Establishment as an outsourcing partner for medium-sized and larger companies
  • Creating the conditions for marketing our own products and services
  • An adaptation of AP Dialog processes to the increased process requirements of corporate groups
  • Ensure sustainable growth over the coming years
  • Deepening the integration with our clients in various projects from customer service to telemarketing or multichannel projects


Crucial for AP Dialogue is also ISO 18295-2 which focuses on the customer's point of view. The following points are put into focus:

  • Improved identification of customer needs
  • Increase experience strategy in coordination with our customers
  • Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements